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BIOL 133
Denise Woodward

Bio 133 Chapter 1- Overview of genetics Important Terms • Genes and alleles • DNAand RNA • Chromosomes • Genome • Genotype • Phenotype • Karyotype • Genetic Testing Genes and Alleles Gene – segment of DNA(a gene codes for production of a protein) Allele – variant of a gene Example: Sickle-cell anemia • Caused by mutated gene - codes for component of hemoglobin. • An allele of the gene codes for a defective hemoglobin. • Result is sickle-cell anemia. DNAand RNA • DNA = Deoxyribonucleic acid. – 4 DNAbuilding blocks:A, T, G, C – Double-stranded • RNA = Ribonucleic acid. Intermediary between genes and proteins. – 4 RNAbuilding blocks:A, U, G, C – Single-stranded Chromosomes • Long strand of DNAand proteins. Each chromosome contains many genes. • Humans: 46 chromosomes in all cells except sperm and eggs. – 23 from mom – 23 from dad Genomes • All genes in cells of a particular type of organism. • Human genome is approximately 20,000 genes • Corn has 30,000 genes and the worm C. elegans has 10,000 Genotype and Phenotype Genotype – alleles an organism contains Phenotype – how those alleles are expressed (what the organism looks like). Ex: Flower color PP = purple Pp = purple pp = white Karyotype • Chart that displays chromo
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