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Pennsylvania State University
CHEM 101
Mary Shoemaker

Chem 101 Chapter 5  Binary Compounds are compounds that contain two elements o Compounds that contain a metal and a nonmetal o Compounds that contain two nonmetals  Binary ionic compound contain a positive ion (cation), and a negative ion (anion) o To name these compounds we simply name the ions o Cation always written first in name  Type I compounds: the metal present forms only one type of cation  Type II compound: the metal present can form two or more cations that have different charges  Rules for naming Type I Ionic Compounds o Cation is always first, anion second o A simple cation takes its name from the name of the element o A simple anion takes its name from the root of the element and adding the ending –ide  Type II Ionic Compounds o The cation named first, anion second o The cation is specified by a roman numeral in parenthesis o The ion with the higher charge has a name ending in –ic o The one with the lower charge has a name ending in –ous  Metals that form only one cation do not need to be identified by a roman numeral  Type III Binary Compounds  Naming Type III o First element in the formula is named first, the full element name is used o The second element is named as if it were an anion o Prefixes
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