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CHNS 002
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Chinese 02 – Lesson 15 请 kè (Entertaining guests) Vocabulary List āyí = noun: aunt báicài = noun: cabbage cài = noun: dishes (food) cháng = adverb: often chǎo = verb: stir-fry chǎo báicài = noun phrase: stir-fry cabbage dàjiā (大大) = noun phrase: everyone fángzi (fáng 大) = noun: house guò (大) = verb suffix: (experienced doing the action) hǎo chī (大大) = adjectival verb phrase: delicious hóngshāo = noun description: red-simmered, red cooked hóngshāo jī = noun phrase: red-simmered chicken huānyíng = verb: welcome huí guō ròu (大 guō ròu) = noun phrase: twice-cooked pork (returned-to-the-pot meat) jī = noun: chicken jiā cháng cài (大 cháng cài) = noun phrase: home-style food, simple food jiǎozi (jiǎo 大) = noun: chinese dumplings, “jiaozi” jièshào = verb: introduce kèqi = adjectival verb: polite kuàizi (kuài 大) = noun: chopsticks mā (大) = noun: mom méi shénme cài (大大大 cài) = conversational expression: there aren’t any special dishes nǎlǐ (大 lǐ) = conversational expression: (used for deflecting compliements) name (大大) = intensifier: so qiézi (qié 大) = noun: eggplant qùnián (大大) = noun: last year ròu = noun: meat shāo = verb: simmer shuǐguǒ (大 guǒ) = noun: fruit shūshu = noun: uncle
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