CAS 100B Effective Group Discussion Chapter 1: The Small Groups in Everyone's Lives

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Communication Arts and Sciences
CAS 100B
Adam Perry

CAS 100B Effective Speech Effective Group Discussion Chapter 1: The Small Groups in Everyone’s Lives  Grouphate- the feeling of antipathy and hostility many people have about working in a group, fostered by the many ineffective, time-wasting groups that exist  Group- three or more people with an interdependent goal who interact and influence each other  Interdependent goal- an objective shared by members of a small group in such a way that one member cannot achieve the goal without the other members also achieving it  Small group- a group of at least three but few enough members for each to perceive the others as individuals, share some identity or common purpose, and share standards for governing their activities as members  Small group discussion- small group of people communicating with each other to achieve some interdependent goal, such as increased understanding, coordination of activity, or solution to a shared problem  Primary group- a group whose main purpose is to meet members’ needs for inclusion and affection  Secondary group- a group whose major purpose is to complete a task, such as making a decision, solving a problem, writing a report, or providing recommendations to a parent organization  Activity group- group formed primarily for members to participate in an activity such as bridge, bowling, hunting, and so forth  Personal growth
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