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Communication Arts and Sciences
CAS 100B
Adam Perry

CAS 100B Effective Group Discussion: Theory and Practice Chapter 3: The Small Group as a System  System- an entity made up of components in interdependent relationship to each other, requiring constant adaptation among its parts to maintain organic wholeness and balance  Interdependence- the property of a system such that all parts are interrelated and affect each other as well as the whole system  Nonsummativity- the property of a system that the whole is not the sum of its parts, but may be greater or lesser than the sum  Equifinality- the systems principle that different systems can reach the same end point  Mulitfinality- the systems principle that systems starting out at the same place can reach different end points  Multiple causation- the principle that each change in a system is caused by numerous factors  Variables- observable characteristics or qualities that can vary  Input variables- the energy, information, and raw material used by an open system that are transformed into output by throughput processes  Throughput variables- the actual functioning of a system, or how the system transforms inputs in to outputs  Output variables- anything that is produced by a system, such as a tangible product or a change in the system, in
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