CAS 100B Effective Group Discussion: Theory and Practice, Chapter 12 Notes

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Pennsylvania State University
Communication Arts and Sciences
CAS 100B
Adam Perry

CAS 100B Effective Group Discussion: Theory and Practice Chapter 12: Tools for Assessing and Evaluating Groups  Postmeeting reaction form (PMR)- a from, completed after a discussion, on which group members evaluate the discussion, the group, and or the leader  Consultant- a non participant observer who works with a group to determine what it needs, then helps by providing information, special techniques and procedures  Critique- analysis and assessment of something, such as identification of strengths and weaknesses in a small group’s process and interaction  Verbal interaction analysis- an analysis of who talks to whom and how often during a discussion  Content analysis- an analysis of the content (topics, behaviors, specific words or ideas, fantasy themes, etc.) of a group’s discussion  SYMLOG- system for the multiple level observation of groups, both a theory about member characteristics and effects on group interaction, and a methodology tha
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