CAS 100B Effective Group Discussion, Chapter 6 Notes

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Pennsylvania State University
Communication Arts and Sciences
CAS 100B
Adam Perry

CAS 100B Instructor Adam Perry Lesson 6 Chapter 6 Chapter 6: Communication and Group Culture  Group culture- the pattern of values, beliefs, and norms shared by group members, developed through interaction and incorporating members’ shared experiences in the group, patterns of interaction, and status relationships  Structuration- the concept that a group creates and continuously recreates itself through member’s communicative behaviors; the group’s communication both establishes and limits how the group develops.  Adaptive structuration theory- a version of structuration theory that focuses on how the rules and resources of computer technology are used in the structuration process  Primary tension- tension and discomfort in members that stems from interpersonal sources, including the social unease that occurs when members of a new group first meet or during competition for power among members  Secondary tension- work-related tension found in the differences of opinion among members as they seek to accomplish their task  Status- the position of a member in the hierarchy of power, influenced, and prestige within a small group  Idisyncracy credit- additional leeway in adhering to group norms, given to a member for valuable contributions to the group  Ascribed status- status due to characteristics external to the group, such as wealth, level of education, position, physical attractiveness, and so forth  Earned status- status earned by a member’s valued contributions to the group, such as working hard for the group, providing needed expertise, being especially communicatively competent, and so forth  Fantasy- a statement not pertaining to the here-and-now of the group that offers a creative and meaningful interpretation of events and meets a group’s psychological or rhetorical need.  Fantasy chain- a series of statements by several or all group members in which a story is dramatized to help create a group’s view of reality  Fantasy theme- what the actual cont
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