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PSUECON 104AllFall

ECON 104 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Microeconomics, Investment Goods, Opportunity Cost

OC3136534 Page
30 Oct 2014
Chapter 1 review questions: some stores give free products to consumer. An economist would say the products are not free. Answer: the products may be g
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PSUECON 104AllWinter

Chapter 5 Review

OC3136534 Page
30 Oct 2014
Answer: first, there are trade flows to provide goods and services. Second, there are resource flows of capital goods and labor (immigration). Fourth,
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PSUECON 104AllSpring

ECON 104 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Demand Curve, Ceteris Paribus

OC3136511 Page
6 Mar 2012
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