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Educational Psychology
Raine Sperling

Chapter 12: Classroom Management: Developing Self-Regulated Learners • Classroom management- “actions teachers take to create an environment that supports and facilitates both academic and social-emotional learning” o 3 major goals:  Develop learner self-regulation • Self-regulation- the ability to direct and control one’s own actions and emotions o Includes:  Self-motivation – taking responsibility for completing tasks and engaging in appropriate activities  Delay of gratification – forgoing immediate rewards to gain more substantial ones later  Impulse control – resisting urges to display inappropriate behaviors  Emotional regulation – expressing emotions in socially acceptable ways  Self-socialization – understanding society’s standards of behavior and acting in accordance with those standards  Self-regulated learning – (setting personal learning goals together with the thinking and strategies used to reach the goals)  Create a community of caring and trust • Community of caring and trust – a classroom environment in which learners feel physically and emotionally safe and their needs for belonging and relatedness are met  Maximize time for teaching and learning • Allocated time – the amount of time a teacher or school designates for a content area or topic • Instructional time – the amount of time left for teaching after routine management and administrative tasks are complete • Engaged time – the amount of time students are paying attention and involved in learning activities • Academic learning time – the amount of time students are successful while engaged in learning activates • Discipline – teachers’responses to student misbehavior • Classroom organization – a professional skill that includes preparing materials in advance, starting classes and activities on time, making transitions quickly and smoothly, and creating well-established routines o Rules – descriptions of standards for acceptable behavior o Procedures – guidelines for accomplishing recurring tasks First Day of school: • Establish expectations • Plan structured instruction • Teac
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