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ENGL 015
Michael Maguire

Deborah Airen Dandridge Instructor Michael Maguire English 015 21 January 2014 Critical Inquiry - Prewriting Examination of narratives: From the passage of Frederick Douglass’s autobiography Frederick is describing his thoughts and interactions between himself and Mr. and Mrs.Auld. In the beginning of this narrative it appears that Mr.Auld holds the power through his prevention of Frederick learning to read or continue his education from Mrs.Auld.As you continue reading the narrative the power is transferred to Fredrick in his realization that knowledge is power. He discovers that knowledge may be the key to his freedom. The plot is set in 1841 where Frederick is describing his life as a slave. There conflict is described between Mr. and Mrs.Auld in where Mr.Auld will no longer allow Mrs. Auld to continue teaching Frederick, which she has kept a secret. Mr.Auld views his prevention of educating a slave as unlawful and unsafe. There also is a conflict portrayed in the writing in which Frederick is struggling with his own knowledge and the possibilities of what that knowledge can provide for him. Frederick views this opportunity as future freedom from slavery. This struggle is overcome through his own commitment and new found determination to educate himself. Ironically enough, the idea spawned from listening to his master, Mr.Auld. In the literacy narrative written by Russell Cruz, the social interaction depicted in his writing lies between Russell, Mike, the chorus director Mr. DeSouza, and school principle Mr. Boisvert. The narrative is set 5 years prior when Russell was attending junior high. Through reading Russell’s narrative, it is clear that Mr. Boisvert
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