Montreaux Chocolate Case Study

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ENGL 419
Padma Patil

MontreauxChocolate Case StudyThursday September 18 20141120 AMApollo has 4 branches one of which is CFG Confectionary Food GroupMontreaux wants to have a relationship with Apollo So it can break into the US marketoCFG bought the rights to Montreaux and Montreaux wants to use this in order to accomplish their market breakthroughoCFG pulled in 191 billion in revenue in 2011 about 13 of Apollos total net incomeDavid Raymond is head of Montreaux Chocolate USA but our focus Is on AndreaNPDOn December 10 Andrea is going to present how the American launch is going to take placeDavid wants Montreaux Chocolate to be nationwide and pull in abut 6 market share be in the top 25 sellers of chocolateAndrea has a few things she needs to focus on to achieve her goalsoMarket segmentsoProduct segments Summary of confectionary market in the US Premium chocolate breaking into mass marketDark chocolates flavanols antioxidant benefits highly regardedLower calorie options such as aeration and lowcap boomingBigger economic sharable pouches
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