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Pennsylvania State University
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IST 240
Sherry Corneal- Pennsylvania State University

Jazz 2/4/13 Chapter 4 • Rag time o Late 19 century o Developed with small bands or Dixie land jazz o Learn to syncopate music to make it seem “jazzy” o Characteristics  Right hand – plays a highly syncopated happy melody. • Didn’t use any of the blues notes.  Left hand – Plays Bass notes, as well as rhythm. o AABBCCDD – Musical Structure  4 separate Melodies that are repeated.  Related to the March, (Marching Bands) o Flourished in the 1890s. o Many became teachers to teach Rag time. o Ends in 1917 • Scott Joplin o Pianist, Composer(Trained) o Father of Ragtime o Maple leaf Rag o Publish over 50 Rag time songs and composed over 600. o Sold hundreds of thousands of sheet music o He composed an Opera, Still performed. o Composed 2 symphonies o Died in 1917. o Rag time seemed to die when he died.
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