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Information Sciences And Technology
IST 301
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IST 3012 October 2013Sun Micro CQs1James has not managed his global team that well The company gave James the ability to work anywhere anytime and anyplace but that is not necessarily the best strategy in regards to facilitating communication The reason why the situation spiraled out of control is quite simply that James team members worked together based upon their geographical location and failed to take into account cultural and spatial differences Having teams in Mumbai France Santa Clara Dubai etc means that James should be on should be making sure the different teams are communicating in an efficient and timely manner 2An engineer in Dubai was technically responsible for creating the queue that put the information in the wrong place and caused the server to be down for as long as it was However if James had made sure that each team was communicating with one another the queue that wouldve been connected to the support queue that everyone checks regularly and the problem wouldve been fixed in short order3 As I mentioned previously the Open Work policy gave James and his teammates the freedom to work on their own teams Obviously this policy has its pros and cons with
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