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Chapter 5

c# CHapter 5 notes.docx

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• C# is inherently an object – oriented language • Console is an object. • Objects are everyone. • Program are a collection of objects, they can communicate with each other and the program. • Class – Most common types of c# o Provides a blueprint, or a description of what an object looks like. o What kinds of data an object of this type holds o A class is not, however, the actual object itself. o Classes are provided by .NET framework. An can define our own. o Classes essentially define two major things ( called members) o Field and Properties – what kinds of data the object holds and work with o Methods – What the object can do – what its functionality is. o Classes can inherit attributes and methods from other classes. o Subclasses Class B: A from Class A o Class A is called the Super Class. o Instances – Used to create individual objects. o Why use classes?  Helps abtracts ideas away from a specific implementation  Allows you to focus on the core parts of the program.  Also helps Encapsulate program functionality into understandable pieces  All have related data and logic are all kept in one place.  Helps organizes a program into natural parts that can be extended  Sometimes referred to as factoring  Create programs that mirror real world constructs and ideas.  Object. o How to define a Class  Used the class keyword.  Use the class, then say new myClass //calls constructor.  To use methods, use the “.” Dot operator.  Static members don’t require instantion to use them.  Instance members, get copied each time a new object is created  Static members belong to the entire class – there is only one o Class access Modifiers.  You can only use the data in that class and you can choose to expose them
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