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Chapter 7

NURS 230 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Bedpan, Oliguria, Hypotension

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NURS 230
Damien Zsiros

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Nursing care of clients with normal and altered elimination needs
When administering care for all clients, the nurse manages the client’s elimination
needs, such as bowel and bladder function. This is inherently a private matter, but
becomes much less private when a client is ill, hospitalized or both.
What are some nursing interventions to provide empathy for the client with elimination
While moving her bowels on a bedpan, the client slides off the bedpan and empties her
bowel in the bed. The client puts on the nurse bell and the nurse finds a large liquid
stool on the client and the bed. The client had just completed morning care. The nurse
responds to the client with which comment?
“.  What happened: how did you slide off the bedpan?
”. You could have called me before this happened
C. “ccidents happen to everyone, so don’t worry
D. I’m here to help you get clean again, can you roll over?
Assessing the urine
Assess the amount of urine critical for accurate I & O.
A client should produce __ ml of urine an hour. If the client produces less than _____ ml
of urine in two or more consecutive hours, notify the physician. This is oliguria and
can mean several things, such as
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