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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Study Guide

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Chapter 2 Study Guide 1. The synaptic vesicles of the terminal buttons contain: Neurotransmitters 2. Ronnie is undergoing brain surgery. While the surgeon is probing around his cotex, Ronnie reports feeling a tingling sensation in his left hand. Where in Ronnie's brain has the surgeon stimulated? Right parietal lobe 3.Apatient whose hippocampus has been completely removed from both sides of his brain will be unable to: Remember the name of a new friend 4. The all-or-none principle refers to the fact that: Aneuron transmits an impulse of the same strength each time it fires. 5. The fight or flight response is a direct result of the activation of the: Sympathetic nervous system 6. When you touch a rough surface, the sensation is carried to the central nervous system by the ________ nerves. Afferent 7. In order for a substance to be classified as a neurotransmitter, it must meet certain criteria; these do not include: Causing an action potential when released into the synapse 8. The wrinkles, convolutions and fissures in the cerebral cortex: Allow more nerve cells to be packed into the brain. 9. If a patient had severe damage to the frontal lobe, you might predict he or she might also have: Impaired decision-making and problem-solving abilities. 10. Some people who are lethargic and have little motivation may suffer from a condition of low thyroid secretion known as: Hypothyroidism 11. Which brain structure seems to be linked to the sleep cycles and possibly to dreaming? The reticular activating system 12. If you hit your thumb with a hammer, which nervous system initiates the message to your brain? The somatic nervous system 13.Agunshot wound to the back of the head would cause the victim to be permanently unable to maintain motor coordination. The part of the brain that would be damaged is the: Cerebellum 14. The gland in the endocrine system, located directly below hypothalamus that produces a number of hormones, may of which trigger other edocrine glands to release hormones, is the: Pituitary gland 15. For an action potential to occur: EPSPs must predominate to the point of bringing the cell to the threshold of depolarization. 16. When an object is placed unseen in the right hand of a split brain patient, the patient will: Be able to describe it 17. Broca's area of the brain can usually be found in the _____________ lobe of the brain. Left frontal 18. The hallucinogens are classified as such because of the changes they produce in sensory perceptions, thinking, and emotions of the individual user. Drugs in this category include: LSD and psilocybin 1
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