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Chapter 1

Intro to Java - Chapter 1 Book Notes

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Computer Science
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CS 0007
Karen Bigrigg

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Chapter 1: Intro to Computers and Java 1.3) Computer Systems: Hardware and Software hardware refers to the physical components that a computer is made of Major components of a computer: -Central processing unit (CPU) - Main memory - Secondary storage devices - Input devices - Output devices CPU – fetch intructions, follow them, produce results (2 parts): control units and arithmetic and logic units (ALU) control unit: coordinates all of the computer’s operations ALU: designed to perform mathematical operations A program is a sequence of instructions stored in computer’s memory - CPU engaged in fetch/decode/execute cycle Steps: Fetch – fetches next instruction from main memory in the program sequence Decode – decodes the instruction (from #) and generates electronic signal Execute – signal is routed to appropriate component, causes component to perform operation Main Memory – random-access memory (RAM) - holds the sequences of instructions in the programs that are running and the data those programs are using. Memory is divided into sections that hold equal data (each section is made of 8 switches [bit]) On = 1, off = 0 8 bit = 1 byt
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