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Chapter 11.7

MA 16200 Chapter 11.7: Book Notes

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MA 16200
Bauman Patricia

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7 Strat en fer testwy serig I. Tf the Se of the dam z is a P-serres, which 2 LE has term 2ar Series, If the server has a term that 13 s ar to a P Serres or a geometric serres Ithan one ot tmu compariran tests snald Considered In part alor an tra nattenal tencha or an al gebrac Anahm f n ation the Se witn Psertes. The damparman tests appy anay ko sertnes Positme terms, but cf gan has some neamtu Herms, then we can apply the ton Test Za nd pest ter abs. cans H. Tf ya con see at ganca that an o ithun hes+ far Divergenue s had be used 5. LA. the Serres is of the form za bn or El bn, then the Htemahny serw Test is an obvious posibility L. Senes that involve factortals or other products ave often Convenherenty tested the mio Tesf Thus the Rato ted Mali not ke used Frr sech series Lt an s of the term con then he rat test may be usati g.T f an fcny whens dy is easily evaluated Luen free integrat Test is effecrtme n3 3n n ne since he untegnd untegad Tush The Pato fert als aworks Since the renes an term tiny Res Since he serres inwuues le! Ratio test at 3 me the series coses neuated to fue peometric serves z We Symmar R-Serres ratto Test game series root test Entegral test Test for D 7Alternahng series test
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