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Chapter 4.4

IB 335 Chapter 4.4: Cross-Exchange Rates

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IB 335
Thomas Coe

ー HHーーーMowner s in Oess-Exchange Rates nge-cataexdange-rate he tumm_cununAT and B . with,na a third-an an the USL-Pmanaw Meyeg entia a cooss exchange rati-over a ρenad of d me t measured-as a pineaatay chan eLdn. that-qualod a:DetermdYha Changed-again。i Ovex the aasanste-of en ded叫 ーーーーーー. C ass ale of, era-dada t-L33 Ze IGZle 3.33 Eua -dapuciatid htt-iah-in thula typo aーーーーと 드 6 movei04-same-dugou ーーーーーーーagainst the dollar neau Lachar againat-USC A aoeneciata, againo, USD-whi g apaeciatea, againuit, Coone negra-deenec ates.Agaun dalilarナwhile A deanic ates against dalla ー20mwey 6-appre で ー HH ーーー Mowner s in Oess - Exchange Rates nge - cataexdange - rate he tumm_cununAT and B . with , na a third - an an the USL - Pmanaw Meyeg entia a cooss exchange rati - over a ρenad of d me t measured - as a pineaatay chan eLdn . that - qualod a : DetermdYha Changed - again。i Ovex the aasanste - of en ded 叫 ーーーーーー . C ass ale of , era - dada t - L33 Ze IGZle 3.33 Eua -dapuciatid htt - iah - in thula typo a ーーーー と 드 6 movei04 - same - dugou ーーーーーーー against the dollar neau Lachar againat - USC A aoeneciata , againo , USD - whi g apaeciatea , againuit , Coone negra - deenec ates.Agaun dalilar ナ while A deanic ates against dalla ー 20mwey 6 - appre で) Explanina M an A to un Cruss Exchange-Ratesーーーー
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