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Textbook Notes for 01:119:116 at Rutgers University

General Biology II

01:119:116 Chapter Notes - Chapter 15: Cytokinesis, Follicular Phase, Cervix

Lecture 15: Reproduction II Background Function ● Produce ova (eggs) ● Receives penis + sperm ● Houses + nourishes embryo → birth ● Lactation → breastfeeding Main Organs ● Ovary: ○ Femal...

Biological Science
Dr.Christy Beal
01:119:116 Chapter Notes - Chapter 23: Microevolution

Microevolution Concept Map (summarizes 23.3) Saturday, December 6, 2012:33 PM

Biological Science
Daniel Stern Cardinale
01:119:116 Chapter Notes - Chapter 44: Apoptosis, Necrosis, Lysosome

Chapter 44The Immune System Internal DefenseImmune Responses Fig 441 body recognizes pathogens toxins other harmful agents and responds to eliminate themDifferentiate nonspecific from specific mechanismsName the nonspecifi...

Biological Science
All Professors
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