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Textbook Notes for O


01:160:307 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Methyl Radical, Pi Bond, Bayerischer Rundfunk

OC4214969 Page
3 May 2016
No reaction when an aromatic molecule is mixed with br2. During a demonstration by dr. h, the reactants changed colors when held against light. This is
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01:160:307 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Thiophenol, Acetic Acid, Methoxide

OC8262443 Page
29 Feb 2016
A bronsted acid is a molecule that acts as a proton donor. A bronsted base is a molecule that acts as a proton acceptor: lewis theory. A lewis acid is
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01:160:307 Chapter 1.1-1.2: orgo_20170119180336

OC14486709 Page
19 Jan 2017
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