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Article Questions: What’s in a Name? Framing the
Immigration Story-Patti Brown
1.What are the 2 types of immigration stories laid out in the article?
Immigrants who enter the US through official channels seeking legal
permanent residence (LPR). The second type are the immigrants who cross the
border illegally or who remain after their visas have expired.
2.How do you think media coverage of the two contribute to the tenor of the national
debate on immigration?
The more the media focuses on immigration, the more the public will view
immigration as a national problem. The media influences how the masses think and
if media prioritizes immigration as a key issue, the public will also. There is a
correlation between what the media portrays as an issue and what the public views
as an issue.
-Agenda Setting: media telling us what to think about
-Priming: media influencing what we think about these issues
-media limits what we see and decides the context we see it in
-words shape the tenor of the discourse in the public square
3.Why is the choice of terminology for the various types of immigrants important for a
news story?
The use of terminology shapes the view of its subject. In other words, when
immigrants are referred to as “illegal” or “aliens”, it has a negative effect and
dehumanizes them being viewed as people who don’t belong or do not deserve to be
in the country
4.What are the dominant frames in the immigration story? Briefly explain each.
-1. The National Security and Border Control Frames
*NS Frame:Deal’s with government’s role in protecting the US from foreign
and domestic threats. Often accused of being xenophobic and prejudice racially in its
dealings with border control and its handle on immigration. Can be used in a positive
or negative way and over time change in tone.
*BC frame: intrinsically linked to national security but deals more precisely
with the nearly 1 million people who enter and leave the US every day.
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