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Tara Coleman

Mirei Sakane 9/2/13 Homo Religiosus by KarenArmstrong • Lascaux Labyrinth o 600 frescoes and 1500 engravings created by Palaeolithic artists  Often painted new pictures over old images, location was crucial  Selected only a few of the species known to them, no pictures of reindeer that was their food  Animals are paired—oxygen and bison w/ horses, bison w/ mammoths o Not unique, there are about 300 different caves in this region of southern France and northern Spain • Labyrinths were sacred places for the performance of some kind of ritual • Visiting the caves was dangerous, exhausting, uneconomical, and time-consuming • Crypt- old picture dated to about 12,000 BCE, seems to be an illustration of a well-known legend, a man confronting an animal in a state of trance with upraised arms, probably shamans • Ashaman is the chief religious practitioner among the indigenous hunting peoples • Hunters feel uneasy about slaughtering beasts who are their friends and patrons, and to assuage this anxiety they surround the hunt with taboos and prohibitions • Animal sacrifices may have been done in Palaeolithic caves • From the very beginning, religious life was rooted in acknowledgement of the tragic fact that lif
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