An Elephant Crackup Notes

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English: Comp & Writing
Tara Coleman

An Elephant CrackupBy Charles SiebertElephants have been acting violently destroying villages and crops and killing humansElephants are also killing each other and other species such as rhinocerosesThe relationship between elephants and people has drastically changedTodays elephants are suffering from a form of chronic stress a kind of specieswide trauma P 323Poaching and habitat loss etc has disrupted the web of familial and societal relations by which young elephants have traditionally been raised in the wildPrecipitous collapse of elephant culture P 323Was the extraordinary behavior of elephants in Africa and Asia signaling a breaking point P 324Elephants have an intense bond with one another and have strong emotions P 324325After years of habitat loss and poaching many young elephants are becoming orphans and are traumatized by seeing their family members die Such traumatic situations are impairing normal brain and behavior development in young
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