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Rutgers University
English: Comp & Writing
Tara Coleman

The Power of Context NotesThe Goetz Case Became a symbol of a particular dark moment in NYC history the citys crime problem reached epidemic proportionsBroken Windows Criminologists Wilson and Kelling argued that crime is the inevitable result of disorderoCrime is contagiousThe impetus to engage in a certain kind of behavior is not coming from a certain kind of person but from a feature in the environment P 155NYC resorted to graffiti cleanup and elimination of farebeatingMinor seemingly insignificant qualityoflife crimes were Tipping Points for violent crime P 157Broken Windows Theory and the Power of Context are one and the same They are both based on the premise that an epidemic can be reversed can be tipped by tinkering with the smallest details of the immediate environment P 157Goetz Man with an authority problem with a strong sense that the system wasnt working who had been the recent target of humiliation P 158Theories say that criminal is a personality type distinguished by an insensitivity to the norms of normal society but Broken Windows and the Power of Context say the opposite They say that the criminal far from being someone who acts for fundamental
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