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Chapter 9


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Sara Campbell

CHAPTER 9: Sexual and Gender Identity Disorder ■ sexual practices and determinants of satisfaction are generally similar around the world ■ heterosexual behavior ■ homosexual behavior I. Gender Differences ■ no gender differences are currently present about attitudes towards homosexuality, attitudes towards sexual satisfaction, and attitudes about masterbation II. Development of sexual orientation ■ genetics affects sexual orientation ■ theory of differential hormone exposure in utero- theory that different hormones baby is exposed to in uterus of mother contributes to sexual orientation ■ biological vulnerability model interacts with environmental conditions personality traits and other contributors to determine behavioral patterns ■ reciprocal gene environment interactions- certain learning experiences and environmental events may affect brain structure and genetic expression III. Gender Identity disorder gender identity disorder- a psychological dissatisfaction with biological gender or a disturbance in the sense of identity as a male or female, the primary goal is not sexual arousal but to live life as the opposite gender A. clinical description ■ generally rare ■ occurs three times more in men than women ■ some cultures are very accepting (native americans) and others have low social tolerance B. causes ■ biological predisposition ■ some research suggests that higher levels of testosterone and estrogen during development may masculinize or feminize fetus (not proven) ■ gender identity firms between 18 months and 3 years of age ■ gender nonconformity- individuals expressing behaviors and attitudes consistently characteristic of the opposite sex C. treatment ■ sex reassignment surgery- procedure to alter a person’s
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