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Chapter 1

01:830:340 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Animal Magnetism, Moral Treatment, Psychoanalysis

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Chapter 1: The Past and the Present
Abnormal Psychology
The scientific study of abnormal behavior undertaken to describe,
predict, explain, and change abnormal patterns of functioning
The four D’s
Deviance: (different, extreme, unusual, perhaps bizarre)
Norm: stated and unstated rule for proper conduct
Judgements on abnormality depend on certain situations
Distress: (unpleasant and upsetting to the person)
Behaviors, ideas or emotions usually have to cause distress
before they can be labeled abnormal
Behavior is weird they think something and we think
something else that we don’t like
Dysfunction: (interfering with persons ability to conduct daily
activities in a constructive way)
It so upsets, distracts, or confuses people that they cannot
care for themselves properly, participate in prdinary social interactions or
work productively
Danger: dangerous to onself or others
Consistenly, careless, hostile, or confused may be placing
themselves or those around them at risk
Society cannot differ separating an abnormality that requires intervention from an
eccentricity, an unusual pattern with which others have no right to interfere
We may think people with cats and no family are abnormal but to
them its not
Treatment (therapy): procedure to change abnormal behavior into more normal behavior
Friends& family advice, a new job or vacation, big change,
A suffer who seeks relief from a healer
A trained, socially accepted healer, whose expertise is accepted by
the duffer naad his her social group
A series of contacts between healer and suffer, through which the
healer tries to produce certain changes in emotions, attitude, behavior
Abnormal behavior as a disease illness you can cure
Shaman would do whipping fasting or excorcism
Thought brain was from 4 humors: yellow bile, black bile, blood
and phlegm
People thought they were possessed in middle ages and would go
Asylums: primary purpose to care for people with mental illness
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