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San Diego State University
Child And Family Development
CFD 135
Nory Behana

Chapter 1 Friday, August 30, 2013 12:36 AM Chapter 1 (Child and Family Development) 08-28-13 *Family Life Education* Dealing with Problems-struggling towards a divorce Preventing Problems-alcohol, smoking, money Developing Potentials-settle things before issues erupt - Family is: Two or more people related by birth, marriage, or adoption residing in same place - Procreate = Have bbz, one you create - Household: Err'one who occupy a housing unit, disregarding relations - Marriage: legal term, contract, between 2 peepz on'z - Religious marriage: couples come together under the will of God and have a sacrament (a form of grace) Also, a commitment to one's religion and partner - American Marriage (Supreme Court Decision 1888): 1.) Legally recognized social union 2.) Binding civil contract 3.)THOUGHT to be permanent 4.) Between Woman and Man 5.) Of legal age - Defense of Marriage Act 1996 reinforcement due to gays and lesbians, confirmed marriage between man and woman only *Types of Families* - Nuclear: Married couples w/ biological or adopted kids - Extended: Two or more generations of fam. relatives in same home "Familism" = Several generations one home common 9% of kids are raised by grandparents - Sin
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