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Week 3 KL Round 2

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My classmate Victoria made an interesting point to when she stated that King Lear could not just
reinstate his power after legally giving it up to his daughters without trying to start a war with the few
soldiers he has. I did not consider this before posting that question and now understand a little better.
After reading some of my classmate’s responses I also wonder, where did King Lear get this idea of a
love game from? And what were his true motives behind doing that?
Another thing I realized after reading responses is that the Edmund/Edgar competition will run along in
parallel with the deadly competition between Lear’s daughters. Upon first reading, I did not make that
connection and I am glad I have now.
I feel like this play relates to my life because I have allowed my pride to get in the way of saying sorry
before like King Lear did. In the past instead of admitting I was wrong, I would only make it worse.
Another way I can relate to this play is because I am born from wedlock just like Edmund. I have felt
those same feelings of needing to fight for my father’s attention and affection to feel worthy.
Sydney Hooper
Question 2: Why is Kent trying so hard to win back the favor of his king while disguised when
the King banished him a few days prior?
Kent was one of the Kings most loyal servants and I believe he wants to continue to remain loyal
despite the king’s hissy fit. I also believe Kent knows that the king was just acting irrational and
wants to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Lillian Robinson
Question 3: Why does the king have a fool” following him everywhere?
The king has a fool follow him around everywhere to keep him entertained. This was common
for kings to have during this time period.
Matthew Sturm
Question 1: Is anyone in this class a person born out of wedlock and if so, can you identify with
any of Edmund’s feelings?
I was born out of wedlock and can relate in several aspects. I’ve been called an accident” and
mistake in the past. The feeling of being lesser than my other siblings can be very
disheartening. This led me to question my value at one point in my life like Edmund however, I
do not think I was that dramatic.
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