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Week 1 GGK Round 2

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After reading other forums and the lecture notes, I now have a much better insight to the text.
One thing that I did not realize before was the similarity between the lord’s game and The
Green Knight’s. After reading the lecture notes it makes sense and makes me curious as to what
will happen next. Another epiphany was made when I noticed several classmates tied The
Green Knight’s colors to Christmas colors. This made me question my original thought of The
Green Knight being connected to nature. Now, I also understand the theme of cycles seen
throughout the text. The cycle of the rise and fall of empires, cycle of seasons, and even the
cycle of being stuck in a bad situation until something good comes along. This concept is huge
in relation to our everyday lives. We all go through seasons of trial and tribulation followed by
seasons of good. One question I do have is- when the wicked witch Morgan le Fay was
mentioned in the text? I see that the witch is mentioned in the lecture notes under “The First
Stage of Gawain’s Quest” but unfortunately I do not remember reading about her in the actual
Answers to questions
Chambria Harrison
Question 3: Why was the Green Knight so pleased that Gawain accepted the challenge?
I believe The Green Knight would have been pleased if any of Arthur’s knights accepted his
challenge. The Green Knight walked into the room with a purpose and a plan. He intended to
play a game that he knew he would ultimately win. I disagree with Jeanetta in that The Green
Knight came specifically for Gawain because I do not think there is any way he could have
known that Gawain would take Arthur’s place. Although I do agree that Gawain’s noble
reputation and relation to the King is a plus. I agree with Raven Davis as she mentioned in
another forum, he wanted to find the famous brave knights that everyone talked about in King
Arthur's kingdom and prove their bravery.”
Taylor Dupre
Question 3: Do you think Sir Gawain will give into the temptations of spending quality time with
the lord’s wife? Also, do you think this was some sort of trick put up by the lord?
I think Sir Gawain will give into the temptation. I think this because Gawain sounds pleased by
the end of part two when he says that he's impressed at how the lord really knows how to have
a good time. Also, Gawain has proven himself not to be a man who wont accept a challenge. I
do believe that it was a trick put up by the lord because it wouldnt make sense for the lord to
want Gawain to lay around with his wife.
Victoria Arledge
Question 1: The author spends a lot of time discussing Gawain’s armor as he begins his quest.
The shield is described in great detail. Could the pictures on his shield have a greater meaning
during his quest?
The pictures on Gawain’s shield give a lot of insight to his beliefs and truly develop this
seemingly noble character. The author tells us that the pentangle represents him as being
perfect in five ways and the Virgin Mary is a symbol of chastity. I believe these wil have a
greater meaning throughout the rest of the poem. We see this emphasis on Gawain’s
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