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When I think of a knight, I typically think of someone who is covered in
polished metal armor with a large sword, helmet, shield and other
weapons. I was surprised when the story described the knight who
interrupted King Arthur’s New Year celebration party. He was not
described as a typical knight. This knight was completely green- his skin,
clothes and even his horse was green. He carried a holly branch in one
hand and a large axe in the other. Initially, the holly branch made me
think that he came in peace, but after he challenged the other knights
to chop his head off I concluded otherwise. The fact that The Green
Knight questioned King Arthur and his knights’ bravery and fierceness
showed that he was asserting his dominance and survival instincts as
many animals do. This description leads me to believe that his green
color may be connected to nature.
The Green Knight mocks the court by saying things such as, “Where’s
the fortitude and fearlessness you’re so famous for?” (311). He also
treats the knights as if they were children saying that he wants to play a
Christmas game. Because of this, it was no surprise to me that The
Green Knight did not die when Gawain chopped his head off. Gawain
was a man of his word, so a little less than a year later he set off on his
quest to encounter The Green Knight again. I found it interesting that
the author took so much time to describe Gawain’s armor, which was
much like a typical knight. Gawain’s quest started off very miserably. He
had to battle off worms, wolves, wild men and miserably cold weather.
He found refuge at the lord’s castle but when he asks to “play a game”
like The Green Knight did it seems like he should not be trusted.
This piece of writing does relate to my life because I can be easily
persuaded when someone challenges me. I can relate to King Arthur
when he feels embarrassed and the need to prove himself. I often find
myself doing things to prove myself when challenged by others i.e. peer
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