Psychology Chapter 1 Lecture Notes

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San Jose State University
PSYC 001
Susan Snycerski

1. Intro to Psychology Chapter 1 a. Psychology i. scientific study of thought and behavior with humans and animals b. Cognitive Psychology i. study of how we perceive information, how we learn and remember, how we acquire and use language, and how we solve problems c. Developmental Psychology i. study of how thought and behavior change and show stability across the life span d. Behavioral neuroscience i. study of the links among the brain, mind, and behavior e. Biological Psychology i. study of the connections between bodily systems and chemicals, and their relationship to behavior and thought f. Personality Psychology i. study of what makes people unique and the consistencies in people's behavior across time and situations g. Social Psychology i. study of how the real or imagined presence of other influences thought, feelings, and behaviors h. Clinical Psychology i. study of the treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders sand ways to promote psychological health ii. BIGGEST FIELD IN PSYCHOLOGY i. Counseling Psychology i. similar to clinical psychology, but may work with less severe psychological disorders j. Health Psychology i. study of the role that psychological factors play in physical health and illness k. Educational Psychology i. study of how students learn, the effectiveness of particular teaching techniques, the dynamics of school populations, and the psychology of teaching l. Industrial/Organizational Psychology i. Industrial 1. selecting workers, matching employees to jobs, and evaluating job performance ii. Organizational a. focuses on worker satisfaction, performance, and productivity by examining management styles sand work environment m. Sports Psychology i. examines the psychological factors that affect performance and participation in sports and exercise n. Forensic Psychology i. field that blends psychology, law, and criminal justice o. Prehistoric Views i. Shamans 1. treated mental problems by driving out demons 2. Trephination a. drilling a small hole in a skull to release spirits and demons p. Ancient Views i. Believed bodily organs and emotions connected. q. Medical to Early Modern Views
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