SWK 420 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Campbell Collaboration, Naloxone, Google Scholar

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SWK 420 (9/11) Chapter 1 (cont.)
In Class Discussion:
Blueprintsprograms.org intervention only websites.
Samhsa.govintervention only website
Information about the main project:
3 articles on main intervention of program
2 articles on plan B study
What is a “Research Question?”
Should produce an informative answer and be very specific.
o Bad: What is justice?
o Good: Will a Saturday morning psychoeducational program for first-time
shoplifters prevent subsequent arrests for shoplifting?
Step 1: Formulate a Question to Answer Practice Needs
Question Formulation: CIAO
o C: Client problem and population
o I: Intervention being considered (What are you going to do with the client?)
o A: Alternative intervention (Another empirically supported intervention?)
o O: Outcome (What outcome do you expect to see or hope to see?)
CIAO helps you to formulate a research question.
The “Well-BuiltQuestion Example:
Specific population and problemrelapse among adult heroin users.
Possible course of action (intervention)medication with suboxone + Group CBT
Alternative course of action (alternative intervention)12 step program (NA)
Desired Outcomesobriety 1 year later
Step 2: Search for the Evidence
Searches of professional literature databases.
USM Libraries: Google scholar; NREPP; Campbell Collaboration
Search Terms:
o PTSD, veterans, treatment
Top Down Approach
o Meta analysis, systematic reviews, literature reviews.
o Reliable web sourses of EBPs
Blueprints Model Programs
SAMHSA’s EBP Resource Center
Social Work Policy Institute
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