SWK 420 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3 & 14: Microsoft Powerpoint, Snail Mail, Institute For Operations Research And The Management Sciences

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SWK 420 Chapter 3 & 14
My Research Project:
Idea Hypothesis Literature Review Assessment Measure Data Collection
Idea: I began my interest in school social work as a case manager working with students
during the school day and when I took Dr. Richard’s School Social Work class in Fall
2016. When I took Grant Writing the following spring (2017), I was able to figure out
even more so what I wanted to focus on. During that spring semester and the summer
semester I found and read lots of articles and resources because I had been approved to
do a research project for my internship for this year (2017-2018). I was also abled to take
an Advanced Research elective this past fall that really streamlined the process for me in
terms of my hypotheses, measures, and literature review.
Hypothesis: It took quite some time to figure out my hypotheses and I had to rework it a
lot last fall semester in order to make my idea into a clear, measurable study. I’ll talk
more about hypotheses later.
Literature Review: Thankfully I had done quite a bit of researching before my literature
review was due for my research class but I still have to make it into a document that was
organized and flowed well according to how journal articles are typically written. That
was one of the more stressful parts of the research class but it helped me with my
hypotheses again.
Assessment Measure: This was a struggle last semester too because the area I wanted to
look at didn’t have many (if any) free assessments that I could use that covered
everything I wanted to. Thankfully, Dr. Richard had some funds to purchase the measure
that I wanted to use (which had been tested to be reliable and valid consistent and
measures what it is supposed to measure) because she is going to use it too.
Data Collection: It took me about a month and a half to find a school that would call me
back or give me a chance in terms of volunteering and then being able to start
conversations about a possible research project. Currently, I am waiting to collect my
surveys (tomorrow!!)
Results: I will be using SPSS which is a statistics software that runs all the tests and helps
do all those tables and stuff you skip over in the journal articles! That will happen in the
next couple of weeks as I prepare for the NASW conference in March.
Forming a Hypothesis or Hypotheses
What idea do you want to test? (Pick something you are interested in or passionate
Can you make it into a statement?
Can it be measured?
My Research Project:
Huge idea narrowed down:
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