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child psychopathology

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PSY 2220
Jay Choi

Shengyong Zou Abnormal Psychology and Child PsychopathologySpring 2013 DSM IVwas first published in 1994 and lists out the symptoms not treatments It has sixteen major diagnostic classes Multiaxial assessment Axis Iclinical disorders Axis IImental retardation and personality disorders Axis IIIconditions related to mental disorders Axis IIIIpsychosocial or environmental disorders Axis Vclients overall functioning Global Assessment of Functioning Scale0 to100 ADHD Self regulation behavioral inhibition and motivational deficits Inattentiondeficits in selective attention distractibility and sustained attention vigilanceHyperactivingimpusivity Hyperactivityclimbing jumping fidgeting and restlessness Impulsivityimpatience unable to delay gratification Age of onset 3 years old 35 of children Symptoms attenuate during adolescence Subtypes ADHDPI Drowsy anxious and related to mood disorders ADHDHI Rarest group combined with ADHDC DSM Appear prior to age 7 and continue for 6 months Almost 80 of children with ADHD have cooccurring problems Related to mood disorders conduct disorders and anxiety disorders Runs in families 13 attributes to biology 80 heritability Treatmentparent management training Oppositional Defiant Disorder Stubborn defiant Appear before age 8 DSM At least 6 months and four categories are apparentConduct DisorderMore severe than ODD DSM Persist over 12 months in 3 categories Childhood onset type More biological more violence that persist over time more likely to be boys Adolescent onset type
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