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Chapter 1

BIO 103 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Albinism, Heredity

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BIO 103
Kristen Vadasz

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BIO 103: Intro to Biotechnology
Ch. 1: Genetics
You are unique but also have similarities to others
- Traits (i.e. eye color)
- Genes = units of info inside cell that have instruct for making cells and doing work inside
a. Traits passed down thru genes (heredity)
b. Help determine size, color, build, sex, personality, and behavior
- Bases = chemical ingredients w/in genes
a. Linked in long chains
Genetics Study of how traits are inherited from gen gen
- Previously knew traits could be inherited but didn’t know how it worked
- Invention of microscope
a. Discovery of cells
i. Living things created from cells of parents
ii. Living things grow when cells divide
b. Stronger microscopes = look deeper inside cell
- Heredity gained knowledge from plants, fruit flies and animals that produce sev gen in
short time
a. Patterns in traits passed down in species
b. Evolution how species changes over time
Questions raised y the New Genetis
- Ethics of different types of treatment
- Albinism genes don’t give right instructions for production of pigment in skin, eyes &
- If treatment found so that albinism could be cured, should it be considered a medical
issue that requires fixing or is it more cosmetic?
- What if the person has grown up albino and loves that way that he/she is, should we force
them to undergo treatment?
- What if the person wants to have children and want them to be albino like him/her should
we prevent that from happening?
- What if a parent wants their child with albinism to be treated but the child doesn’t?
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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