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Chapter 7

BIO 103 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, Germ Cell, Genetic Engineering

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BIO 103
Kristen Vadasz

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BIO 103 Intro to Biotechnology
Chapter 7
- Genetic research being applied in new ways to help diagnose health issues
- Will soon be possible to correct health issues by altering genes
a. Known as Gene Therapy
- How it will work
a. Have an illness à doctor will determine whether problem is caused by mutated gene giving
faulty instructions for production of needed protein
b. If this is the case, new DNA inserted into cells à if successful, new DNA will correct gene’s
instructions for production of protein
- Can also use viruses to help treat certain illnesses
a. Copies of corrected gene inserted into virus, when inserts DNA into cells, inserts the
corrected gene to take over cells
- Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) - body fails to produce particular enzyme
a. Can’t make special blood cells that resist infection
- Limitations of gene therapy
a. Medical problems that don’t have genetic cause
b. Disorders that involve actions of many genes
Germ-Line Therapy
- Germ-line therapy - treatment that could change genes you pass on to your children
- Germ cells - special cells that divide to form eggs and sperm
- Child would be spared certain genetic problems that would otherwise occur
- Could possibly remove disorder from family tree
- Controversial topic → concerned that making changes to germ line of one person can
affect many ppl who are that person’s descendants
a. Not right to make changes to germ line because some ppl who will be affected are not
even born yet and can’t give consent
b. Changes to germ cells could disrupt embryo dev
Genetically Engineered Medicines
- Genetic engineering has helped incr supply of medical prod and lower costs
- New drugs created, pure drugs that don’t carry disease
Eugenics - use of genetic knowledge to improve the human race
- Bad connotation b/c ppl in past used it to claim they are better than others (Nazis)
- Still persists → people are poor b/c they have poor genes
Super race?
- Worries that we’ll be tempted to design a super race of humans
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