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Chapter 3

BIO 103 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Behavioural Genetics, Determinism

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BIO 103
Kristen Vadasz

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BIO 103: Intro to Biotechnology
Ch. 3
- Roots of cancer, HBP, alcoholism may be found in genes
- Genes may play role in dev of obesity, depression, diabetes
- BUT you don’t get the disease just because you have the gene for the disease
a. Conditions and circumstances of life and your decisions matter  environment has influence
on your health as well
b. Only few human diseases are triggered by a single gene
i. Usually from many genes
ii. Huntington’s = single-gene disorder
c. Strength of genes involved in disorder can affect progress
i. Genetic expression
d. Diff mutations in diff genes can lead to same basic problem
e. There are many diseases involving mutated genes, but reverse not true
i. Many genes do not lead to disease
f. Some ppl carry gene mutation that causes disorder, but not at risk for disorder for themselves
i. Carriers
ii. Some disorders occur when healthy genes are damaged
i.e. carcinogens, aging
Genetic Determinism
- Idea that genes by themselves can determine what happens to you
- Researchers don’t know how many genes involved in heart disease or how they bring out illness
a. Do know kinds of behaviors that can trigger heart disease
i. Smoked, worried a lot, ate fatty foods, sat around too much
- Regardless of how much we know about genes, we can’t predict our future so even if we know
we’re at risk for a certain disease, that may not be the thing that actually kills us
Dealing with Genetic Knowledge
- Decisions we make will be influenced by info we have about our genes
- Knowing genetic profile could be helpful
a. Genetic profile = collection of info about a person’s genes
b. Suggests what health-related behaviors you should follow
- Knowing genetic profile could also create problems
a. Paper with all your “problem” genes could give you things to worry about even though bad
things may not occur s
Discrimination Based on Genes
- Info about their “problem genes could cost ppl their health insurance
a. May be refused or dropped from health plans
- Part of your genetic info may be obvious from family’s medical history
a. Genetic tests usually go into your medical records
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