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David Hartstein

Marketing plan notes turn 1: -Want to target urban commuters: comfort, capacity and waterproofing added water bottle pocket need a backpack with capacity and comfort- wide padded straps either have waterproofing feature or have waterproofing material need more comfort, adding luxury material #1 thing is comfort 56% for commuters laptop sleeve does nothing for capacity or comfort commuters and luxury trend followers both want lots of comfort in the backpack color does not matter at first and doesn't cost anything, but at 2nd turn we can get feedback school children want capacity but will only pay $24 Price: cost of production is $38 commuters price is $45, if we did $48 not too high from their price with department store we will lose $11.06 $60, won't make profit in department store $70 will only make .50 in department stores, should we change product again? where to sell it: direct, not many people will buy from there department store only? has a good costumer reach, commuters the most. The cut is $45 Invest in marketing development funds for direct? what are the benefits? only through direct. should not advertise if we do $1000 investment. try to do it once, see what happens, then cut it. other groups will not notice it. it's advertising in stores not exclusively direct, will not make a profit try online to make some profit of $2 what is our product: classic no advertising? turn 2: change target market to outdoor enthusiasts changed bag shape, size, color, water proofing price. willing to pay 90 but have to raise it to make a profit only had radio advertising Turn 3; production cost is double than everyone else didn't like the color which was brown. changed to green for outdoor people changed to extra comfort for only $3 extra- does it change price shouldn't put it in 100's they are willing to pay $90 should we take away extra water proofing for $10 change the material? durability doesn't matter much took away extra water proofing should we invest with high end outdoor again? should we not inves
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