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ANT 121 Chapter All: ANT 121 People and Cultures of the World

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ANT 121

Leigh Ann Rodgers ANT 121 People and Cultures of the World Spring 2017 Chapter 1 Asking Questions about Humanity a. Variations in our adaptions, physical appearance, language, beliefs, and social organization b. Learned to get along through alliances c. Travelers, explorers, and philosophers wrote about culturegetting along (not anthropologists) i. Marco Polo ii. William of Rubruck iii. Ibn Batura iv. Zheng He v. Confucius 1. Analects a. principals for establishing relations with outsiders vi. Herodotus 1. Histories a. People and cultures he discovered while visiting Africa, Southwest Asia, and India from Greece d. How did anthropology begin? i. Academic discipline devoted to the systematic observation and analysis of human variation ii. Nineteenth century emerged in Europe and North America iii. Three key concerns that shaped professional anthropology 1. Disruptions of industrialization in Europe and America a. Industrialization economic process of shifting from an agricultural to a factorybased economy b. Brought large numbers of rural people into towns to work c. Growth of cities shaped society, government, residential patterns, and culture d. Factory economies affected who people would marry, role of religion, and their daily activities e. How industrialization affected colonies i. Why hadnt they developed themselves? 2. Rise of evolutionary theories a. Evolution adaptive changes organisms make across generations i. Darwins natural selection ii. Empirical approach question that could be answered by watching a species over a period of time to see what emergeschanges iii. Origin of Species 3. Growing importance of Europes farflung colonies with large indigenous populations whose land, mineral wealth, and labor, Europeans and Americans wanted to control a. Colonialism powerful countries claiming possession of less powerful ones
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