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Chapter 1

ANT121 Human Culture Ember and Ember, Ch. 1

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ANT 121

ANT 121: Embers Ch. 1 The Importance of Anthropology 12/10/2013 9:06:00 AM MYANTHROLAB.COM Anthropology: anthropos=man/human + logos=study TERMS  Anthropological linguistics  Anthropology  Applied anthropology  Archaeology  Biological anthropology  Cultural anthropology  Descriptive linguistics  Ethnographer  Ethnography  Ethnohistorian  Ethnology  Fossils  Historical linguistics  Holistic  Homo sapiens  Human paleontology  Human variation  Paleoanthropology  Primates  Primatologists  Sociolinguistics THE SCOPE OF ANTHROPOLOGY  Incorporates sociology, psychology, political science, economics, history, human biology, and philosophy and literature  Broad scope of distance and time  Skeptical about accepted assumptions about humans THE HOLISTIC APPROACH  Holistic = multifaceted  approach anthropologists take to understand a people better by exploring all aspects of human life  Anthropologists usually have specializations within the broad subject of anthropology, but combined with other findings, creates a holistic result THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL CURIOSITY  Focuses on the variation of traits and characteristics of human groups over the globe and over time FIELDS OF ANTHROPOLOGY  Biological(physical) Ant.: o Questions human paleontology/paleoanthropology – the emergence of humans and their later evolution  Fossils – hardened remains or impressions of humans, prehumans, and related animals  Geological info – succession of climate, environments, plant and animal populations  Primatologists study PRIMATES (prosimians, monkeys, apes, humans) – provide insight to evolution o Human variation – how and why populations vary biologically  One species: Homo sapiens yet much variation b/w ind
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