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Chapter 2

ANT121 Human Culture Ember and Ember, Ch. 2

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ANT 121

ANT 121: Embers Ch. 2 Culture and Culture Change 12/10/2013 9:03:00 AM TERMS:  Acculturation  Adaptive customs  Cultural relativism  Culture  Diffusion  Ethnocentric  Ethnocentrism  Globalization  Maladaptive customs  Norms  Revolution  Society  Subculture DEFINING CULTURE  Ralph Linton definition—total way of life of any society, not simply those parts of this way which the society regards as higher or more desirable.  Book definition—set of learned behaviors and ideas (including beliefs, attitudes, values, and ideals) that are characteristic of a particular society or other social group  Society—a group of people who occupy a particular territory and speak a common language not generally understood by neighboring peoples o Does not limit a society to country borders- many societies can be in one country, or can spread over multiple  Commonly shared customs of a society refers to a culture  Subculture—refers to commonly shared customs of a group within a society  Something is culture IF it is a learned behavior or idea that the members of a society or other social group generally share ATTITUDES THAT HINDER THE STUDY OF CULTURES  Ethnocentric—describes people who judge other cultures solely in terms of their own culture  Ethnocentrism and glorification of other cultures hinders effective anthropological study CULTURAL RELATIVISM  Franz Boas—challenged the superiority of Western cultures  Cultural Relativism—attitude that a society’s customs and ideas should be described objectively o Differing views on relativism and the degree of acceptance of certain culture’s practices.. i.e. slavery, violence, torture, genocide o Strive toward objectivity and eliminate quick judgments of other people’s cultures DESCRIBING A CULTURE  Individual variation: Variations in behavior between individuals in a group are confined within socially acceptable limits  Ideal cultural traits: ideas about how people in certain situations should act and feel  Norms: standards or rules about what is acceptable behavior  Cultural restraints: Direct and Indirect  Modal response/mode: most frequent
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