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CHAPTER 1- MASS COMMUNICATIONS • Communication= the creation and use of symbol systems that convey information and meaning • Culture= defined as symbols of expression that individuals, groups, and societies use to make sense of daily life and to articulate their values o Providing shared and contested values • Mass media= cultural industries, the channels of communication, that produce and distribute songs, novels, TV shows, newspapers, movies, video games, internet and other mediums • Mass communication= process of designing cultural messages and stories and delivering them to large and diverse audiences through media channels ORAL + WRITTEN ERA • Public conversation and debate • Written work was done by philosophers PRINT ERA • Paper and block printing • Printing press o Machine duplication o Rapid duplication o Faster production, lower cost ELECTRONIC ERA • Separated transportation of communication • Telegraph o Made it easier for military and government o Then eventually radio DIGITAL ERA • Digital communication= images, texts, and sounds are converted into electronic signals and then reassembled as a reproduction • Bloggers= people who post commentary Senders= authors, pr
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