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COM 107-Textbook-Ch. 1: Mass Communication: A Critical Approach

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COM 107

Monday January 27 2014COM 107Chapter 1 Mass Communication A Critical ApproachCulture and the Evolution of Mass Communicationculture symbols of expression that people groups and societies use to make sense of daily life and to articulate their valuesmass media cultural industries channels of communication who produce and distribute media to groups of individualsThe Linear Model of Mass Communicationsenders transmit messages though a mass media channel to receivers this is regulated by gatekeepers This process allows for feedbackNOTE not smooth with digital era Word and images are more likely to spill into one another crisscrossing in the daily media deluge of ads TV shows news reports social media smartphone apps 9selective exposure media aimed towards individuals with beliefs that already correlate with the intended media outputThe Development of Media and Their Role in Our SocietyFour stages of media innovations1emergencenovelty stage1technica
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