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Health and Wellness
HTW 221

Social Determinants Article • Every state allows medical exemptions and most permit exemptions based on religious practices • Majority of Vaccine skeptics believe vaccines are linked to autism and other disorders • 20 states, including CA, OH, TX allow some kind of personal exemption • nationwide over 90% of children old enough to receive vaccines get them • exemptions increase the risk of exposing everyone in the community • it is absence or close to it of some illnesses in the US that keep some parents from opting for the shots • worldwide 242,000 children a year die from measles • in Syracuse the general immunization clinic provides shots to children 2 months of age and older • flu vaccination is available seasonally • fee- $15 • not able to provide vaccines to children who are fully insured by private health insurance • directed to contact own health care provider to schedule an appointment if you have
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