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Chapter 7

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Information Studies
IST 195

Chapter 7 • Input: any data and instructions entered into the memory of a computer • Software: series of related instructions, organized for a common purpose • Command: instruction that causes a program or app to perform a specific action • User response: instruction a user issues by responding to a message displayed by a program/app • Keyboard: input device that contains keys you press to enter data and instructions into a device • Function keys: labeled with letter F followed by a number, special keys programmed to issue commands to a computer • Toggle key: key that switches between two states each time a user presses the keys(CAPS, NUM) • Keyboard shortcut: one or more keyboard keys that you press to perform an operating system or application related task\ • Keylogging software: keyboard monitoring • Compact keyboard: smaller than standard keyboard and usually does not include numeric keypad • Ergonomic keyboard: design that reduces the chance of repetitive strain injuries of wrist and hand • Gaming keyboard: keyboard designed specifically for users who enjoy playing games on computer • Wireless keyboard: battery powered device that transmits data to the computer or mobile device using wireless technology • Pointer: small symbol on screen whose location and shape change a user moves a pointing device • Mouse: pointing device that fits under the palm of your hand comfortably • Optical mouse: uses optical sensors that emit and sense light to detect the mouse’s movement • Laser mouse: uses laser sensors that emit and sense light to detect the mouse’s movement • Touch mouse: touch-sensitive mouse that recognizes touch gestures, in addition to detecting movement of the mouse and traditional click and scroll operations • Wireless mouse: battery powered device that transmits data using wireless technology • Touchpad: small, flat, rectangular pointing device that is sensitive to pressure and motion • Pointing stick: pressure sensitive pointing device shaped like a pencil eraser that is positioned between keys on a mobile computer keyboard • Trackball: stationary pointing device with a ball on its top or side. • Touch screen: touch sensitive display device • Gesture: motion you make on a touch screen with the tip of one or more fingers or your hand. • Multi-touch: recognize multiple points of contact at the same time. • Pen input: you touch a stylus or digital pen on a flat surface to write, draw, or make selections • Stylus: small metal or plastic device that looks like a tiny ink pen but uses peressure • Signature capture pad: writes name with a stylus that is attached to the device • Digital pen: slightly larger than a stylus, is an input device that captures and converts a user’s handwriting or drawings into a digital format • Graphics tablet: digitizer, electronic plastic board that detects and converts movements of a stylus or digital pen into digital signals that are sent to the computer • Motion input/gesture recognition: users can guide on-screen elements using air gestures • Air gestures: involve moving your body or handheld input device through the air • Voice input: process of entering input by speaking into a microphone • Voice recognition: speech recognition, computer or mobile device’s capability of distinguishing spoken words • Voice recognition application: allows users to dictate text and enter instructions by speaking into a microphone • Audio input: process of entering any sound into the computer • Music production software: allows users to record, compose, mix, and edit music and sounds • Video input: process of capturing full-motion images and storing them on a computer/mobile device’s storage medium • Digital video camera: records video as digital signals. • Webcam: type of DV camera that enables you to capture video and still images, and usually audio input for viewing, manipulation on a computer or mobile device • Video call: all parties see one another as they communicate over the Internet • Streaming cam: has the illusion of moving images because it sends a continual stream of still images • Videoconference: meeting between two or more geographically separated people who use a network or the Internet to transmit audio and video data • Source document: original form of the data • Scanner: light sensing input device that reads printed text and graphics and then translates the results into a form the computer can process • OCR: optical character recognition, can read and convert text documents into electronic files • Two technologies used by optical readers: Optical character recognition +optical mark recognition • OCR: small optical scanner for reading characters and sophisticated software to analyze what is read • OMR: read hand-drawn marks, small circles or rectangles • Bar code reader/scanner: optical reader that uses laser beams to read bar codes • Bar code: identification code that consists of either a set of vertical lines and spaces of different widths or a two dimensional pattern of dots, squares, and other images • UPC: universal product code • QR: quick response code, 2-D bar code stores information in both a vertical and horizontal direction • RFID: radio frequency identification is a technology that uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, animal or person • RFID reader: reads information on the tag via radio waves • Magstripe reader: reads the magnetic stripe on the back of credit cards, entertainment cards, bank cards, identification cards. • MICR: magnetic ink character recognition: read text printed with magnetized ink • Data collection device: obtains data directly at location where the transaction or event takes place • Output: data that has been processed into a useful form: Text/Graphics/Audio/Video • Display: output device that visually conveys text, graphics, and video
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