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PSY 274
Leonard Newman

PSY 274 Unit 1 Terms Social psychology: the study of how people think, behave, and feel in social contexts (p. 7) Interactionism: the idea that a complete understanding of people’s social behavior requires us to take into account individual differences, the nature of situations, and how those factors combine and interact (p. 14) Hidden influences on behavior: stimuli or psychological processes that affect our behavior without our awareness, because we are unaware either of their existence or of the way in which they are affecting us (p. 19) Social cognition: the study of the cognitive processes involved in people’s social behavior (p. 22) Cognitive social psychology: the study of the thoughts and other mental processes that underlie and lead to social behavior (p. 23) Social-cognitive neuroscience:An approach to studying social psychology that employs the methods of cognitive neuroscientists (such as the measurement of electro- chemical activity in the brain) in order to understand the neural basis of social cognition and social beha
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