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Chapter 2

PSY 335:Ch. 2 Textbook Note

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PSY 335

PSY 335Chapter 2 Textbook Notes Theoretical Perspectives and Research Psychodynamic PerspectivePsychosocial DevelopmentPsychoanalytic TheorySigmund FreudErik Eriksonbehavior is motivated by inner forces memories we pass through 8 distinct stages that continue and conflictsbeyond childhoodpsychosexual development stages children person is faced with a conflict in each stage experience where gratification is focused on one eg trust vs mistrust autonomy vs shamespecific body part and can influence future doubtbehavior in societyfixation if gratification in childhood is metoverdone one may be stuck in habits of that stage eg not fully developed oral stage may cause person to overeat talk to much etcfixation if gratification in childhood is metoverdone one may be stuck in habits of that stageFaults both Freud and Erikson were biased in that they tested mostly on male development and both viewpoints are difficult to test Behavioral PerspectiveClassical ConditioningOperant ConditioningSocialCognitive Learning TheoryJohn B WatsonBF SkinnerAlbert Banduracontrolling an environment strengthening or weakening a learning by observing models meant the ability to control and voluntary response with othersproduce a specific behaviorreinforcement and punishment
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