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Chapter 4

PSY 335 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Hypnotherapy, Muscle Tone, Birth Weight

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PSY 335

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PSY 335/Chapter 4 Textbook Notes
“Birth and The Newborn Infant”
CRH: corticotropin-releasing hormone; released to begin birthing process
oxytocin: hormone released to begin uterus contractions
Braxton-Hicks contractions: “false labor”; periodic contractions beginning 4 months
after conception to prepare for eventual birth
Fetus to Neonate
neonate: newborn
APGAR test: created by Virginia Apgar; scale of neonate’s appearance, pulse, grimace
(reflex), activity (muscle tone), and respiration
5 categories ranked from 0-2 resulting in a range of 0-10 (most babies with 7 and
above do not face serious health defects)
anoxia: lack of oxygen to the brain
vernix: white, cottage-cheese like substance that assist with fetus exiting vagina
lanugo: fine, dark fuzz on baby
some researchers believe that physical bonding between parents and child the first
few hours of birth are critical in having a strong emotional bond with one another
Stages of Labor
longest stage (16-24 hours)
around 90 minutes
lasts a few minutes
contractions occur every 8-10
minutes for 30 seconds
baby emerges farther out with
each contraction
delivering umbilical cord and
contractions lead up to every 2
minutes for 2 minutes
episiotomy: incision made to
make vaginal opening larger
transition: period when
contractions are at the
greatest intensity; cervix 10cm
to allow head to pass through
stage ends when baby is birthed
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