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Chapter 4

PSY 335-Chapter 4 Textbook Notes

by OneClass235672 , Fall 2014
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PSY 335

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PSY 335/Chapter 4 Textbook Notes
“Birth and The Newborn Infant”
CRH: corticotropin-releasing hormone; released to begin birthing process
oxytocin: hormone released to begin uterus contractions
Braxton-Hicks contractions: “false labor”; periodic contractions beginning 4 months
after conception to prepare for eventual birth
Fetus to Neonate
neonate: newborn
APGAR test: created by Virginia Apgar; scale of neonate’s appearance, pulse, grimace
(reflex), activity (muscle tone), and respiration
5 categories ranked from 0-2 resulting in a range of 0-10 (most babies with 7 and
above do not face serious health defects)
anoxia: lack of oxygen to the brain
vernix: white, cottage-cheese like substance that assist with fetus exiting vagina
lanugo: fine, dark fuzz on baby
some researchers believe that physical bonding between parents and child the first
few hours of birth are critical in having a strong emotional bond with one another
Stages of Labor
longest stage (16-24 hours)
around 90 minutes
lasts a few minutes
contractions occur every 8-10
minutes for 30 seconds
baby emerges farther out with
each contraction
delivering umbilical cord and
contractions lead up to every 2
minutes for 2 minutes
episiotomy: incision made to
make vaginal opening larger
transition: period when
contractions are at the
greatest intensity; cervix 10cm
to allow head to pass through
stage ends when baby is birthed

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PSY 335Chapter 4 Textbook Notes Birth and The Newborn Infant Birth Labor CRH corticotropinreleasing hormone released to begin birthing process oxytocin hormone released to begin uterus contractions BraxtonHicks contractions false labor periodic contractions beginning 4 months after conception to prepare for eventual birth Stages of LaborFirstSecondThirdlongest stage 1624 hoursaround 90 minuteslasts a few minutescontractions occur every 810 baby emerges farther out with delivering umbilical cord and minutes for 30 secondseach contractionplacentacontractions lead up to every 2 episiotomy incision made to minutes for 2 minutesmake vaginal opening largertransition period when stage ends when
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