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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12- Managing Individuals and a Diverse Work Force Diversity= variety • Variety of demographic, cultural, personal differences among an organizations employees and customers Diversity ≠ AffirmativeAction AffirmativeAction= purposeful steps taken by an organization to create employment opportunities for minorities and women • Apolicy for actively creating diversity • Does not guarantee diversity • Required by law for private employers with 50+ employees • Purpose=compensate for past discrimination, prevent ongoing discrimination, provide equal opportunities o Diversity can still exist without a policy o Diversity has a broader focus (demographics, culture, personal) o Diversity main purpose= create positive work environment, benefit both people and organization DIVERSITY MAKES GOOD BUSINESS 1. Cost savings- reducing turnover, decreasing absenteeism, avoiding expensive lawsuits 2. Attract and retain talent- better and more diverse job applicants 3. Driving business growth- more diversity= more purchasing power Diversity groups initially have hard times working together, but eventually do a better job of identifying the problem and generating solutions Surface Level Diversity- immediately observable (age, sex, race, physical capabilities) Deep Level Diversity- communicated through verbal/non verbal behaviors, learned through interaction with others (personality, attitudes, beliefs, values) Social integration- degree to which group members are psychologically attracted to working with each other to accomplish a task SURFACE LEVEL DIVERSITY • Age discrimination
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